About Chawlunga

Hey there and welcome to Chawlunga, your go-to destination for lively African-inspired designs! I'm Dana Bayoumi, a Sudanese graphic designer and content creator living in The Netherlands. My deep love for my African heritage, fused with my enthusiasm for design, sparked the creation of this vibrant brand to showcase Africa's beauty with the world.

At Chawlunga, you'll discover a mix of products like t-shirts, water bottles, wall art, and so much more, all adorned with eye-catching African designs. These creations celebrate the rich history, vivid colors, and mesmerizing patterns of the continent. I'm on a mission to craft visually stunning and meaningful designs that touch hearts, ignite conversations, and spread the love for Africa's diverse cultural legacy.

As a proud Sudanese woman, giving back to my home country is close to my heart. Despite the challenges faced by Sudan due to civil war, I remain optimistic about its future. Following Zakat guidelines, I happily donate 2.5% of my profits to various causes and initiatives in Sudan. My aim is to create a positive ripple effect and lend a helping hand to those in need.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure to celebrate and elevate African culture. Together, let's joyfully embrace the wonders of Africa and contribute to a brighter, more hopeful future for its people.